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Reverse Osmosis Systems

In Ottawa, we can count on clean drinking water that’s free of pathogens. But there are chemicals added to it that either taste bad or you might prefer not to drink.

If you’re looking for the purest possible water for your family, one of the options many of our customers choose is a reverse osmosis system (RO).

A reverse osmosis system is a type of water filter that doesn’t need chemicals to filter impurities from your water.

How Reverse Osmosis Systems Work

RO uses a simple membrane that only allows tiny water molecules through. Larger molecules like chlorine, iron, and fluoride can’t pass – and neither can bacteria or viruses.

reverse osmosis membrane

In this image, smaller water molecules (shown in blue and grey) pass through the membrane, while larger contaminants can’t.

how reverse osmosis works diagramReverse osmosis filters don’t use any electricity – the natural water pressure that happens when you turn on the tap makes it work.

This ensures that the only thing left in your drinking water is clean, pure water.

Optionally, you can choose to have beneficial minerals, like calcium, added back in. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, regulating blood flow, and easing muscle tension.


Kinetico Outperforms Other Reverse Osmosis Systems

Kinetico systems not only perform as promised, they have added health benefits when compared to bottled water or other RO systems.

Only our systems:

  • Remove 96.4% (or more) of fluoride particles.
  • Remove 99.95% of dissolved solids like organic matter.
  • Have longer lasting membranes.
  • Perform reliably, with no peaks or drops.
  • Add back healthy minerals, like calcium.
  • Have EverClean® Rinse system to ensure the membrane doesn’t get clogged with impurities.
  • Have a sensor that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter (with most systems you find out with bad-tasting water).
  • Produce more water faster.
  • Are independently certified by the Water Quality Association.
  • Cost less for every glass when compared to bottled water.

While there are other systems that are more tailored to other water issues like hard water, RO systems are an economical solution for a lot of homes in the Ottawa area.

Our Reverse Osmosis Treatment Options

Kinetico K5 drinking station reverse osmosisThe K5 Drinking Station

This customizable 5-stage filtration system makes your drinking water pure and healthy. You can even adapt your filter to changing water issues by changing which cartridges you use.

When each filter has reached it’s capacity, the sensor lets you know, and you can replace it in a snap.

Good looking enough to sit on a countertop, the K5 also fits easily under your sink. The K5 has a 10-year warranty if used with a Kinetico water softening system. If installed separately, there’s a 4-year warrantly on the reverse osmosis membrane and 10-year warranty on all other parts.

Kinetico reverse osmosis system for whole houseWhole-Home Reverse Osmosis System

If you need to avoid impure water for even bathing and laundry, the whole-home reverse osmosis system may be for you.

This larger unit fits in your basement or utility area near your water heater.

This system has a 10-year warranty, conditional on use with a Kinetico softening system.

DS Plumbing are Authorized Kinetico Dealers

kinetico authorized dealer logoDS Plumbing is a fully authorized Kinetico systems dealer. We’re specially trained to give you the best results with your home’s water quality. Kinetico systems are considered the top choice by many home improvement professionals. They’ve been featured on Holmes Inspection and Moving the McGillvrays.

Learn more reasons why you should choose Kinetico >

Predictable Pricing and Great Service

You’ll love our friendly approach to customer service. We believe in explaining the options, and letting you make an informed decision in your own time.

Best of all, you’ll get full price quotes in advance. There’s no guesswork about hourly rates. We are happy to provide Saturday service too!

If you have questions about the water you’re drinking, ask for a free water quality test from the authorized Kinetico dealers at DS Plumbing.

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