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Our Ottawa Plumbing Service Area

If you live in Ottawa and the surrounding areas we can help you with any kind of plumbing repairs or installations.

DS Plumbing Ottawa Service area map


We service these communities:

Ottawa West
Carleton Place
Ottawa East
Ottawa South

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Our Plumbing Services

If it has anything to do with water in your home, we can help you with it.

Plumbing Repairs

DS Plumbing 100 percent satisfaction guaranteeWhether it’s a leaky toilet, a dripping faucet or anything similar, you’ll love the fact that we provide the full price up front. With DS Plumbing, there are no hourly rates. You will know the full cost up front for all the options so that you make make the right decision.

We also repair:

  • Frozen and burst plumbing.
  • Water heaters – both traditional tanks and the new tankless water heaters. (Don’t forget to check if it’s a rental first – you’ll know by the sticker on the side.)
  • Wells.

We offer 24/7 emergency service all year round – including on holidays. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong!

Drains and Sewers

A clog can happen anywhere – in your soil stack, under your sink, or in the main clearout to the sewer. Whether it’s caused by hair, something that shouldn’t be flushed, or tree roots invading your sewer line we can help.

Ask about our backwater valve and sump pump installation and repair.

Plumbing Installations

We install anything and everything to do with plumbing in your home.

  • Sinks and faucets in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. Ask about water saving or touchless faucets.
  • Bathtubs and showers.
  • New toilets, including multi-flush and low flush models.
  • Water softeners – we can do testing and advise you on a system for your water quality.
  • We also provide plumbing work for any renovations that involve your pipes, including having soil stacks moved.

Why DS Plumbing is the Right Choice

If you need experienced professional plumbing help, you’ll find it here at DS Plumbing.

We offer:

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