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Faucet Installation

Save Time and Get Guaranteed Results with Our Faucet Installation Services

Why spend all weekend trying to interpret diagrams and wrestling with your plumbing?

Sometimes it’s more cost effective to hire a professional. DS Plumbing will do the job right, do it quickly, and save you time and headaches. Plus our results are guaranteed – if there are problems we’ll come back and ensure it’s fixed.

We can install any kind of faucet that you can think of – from traditional models to single arm faucets to the latest touchless models.

Contact DS Plumbing for all your tap installation needs!

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Friendly, Professional Plumbers

You’ll find our plumbers are “people plumbers” – they love answering questions and will keep your home clean.

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Our Faucet Brands

If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen, there are some great places to get your new faucet. We recommend Mondeau and Ensuite. They have great showrooms with a wide variety of fixtures to suit every taste.

We can install any faucet, but when our customers ask us for a recommendation, we usually suggest the professional grade faucets from these manufacturers.

Moen plumbing fixtures logo

Moen Faucets

From the inventor of the single-handle faucet comes a huge selection of stylish and durable taps including WaterSense and ADA approved designs. Moen faucets have won awards from This Old House, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, The GOOD DESIGN™ Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, Professional Remodeler, and many more.

Gerber Faucets logo

Gerber Faucets

Since 1932, Gerber has been manufacturing great plumbing fixtures with exceptional performance and durability. Gerber is a partner in the EPA’s successful WaterSense program. Gerber manufactures low-lead content faucets that meet or exceed California code (the strictest in North America).

Luxart Faucets logo

Luxart Faucets

Luxart kitchen and bathroom faucets are incredibly stylish without sacrificing quality parts or finishes. Many models are certified LowFlow and/or WaterSense. LEED and Lead-Free faucets also available.

Woodford Manufacturing logo

Woodford Frost Free Faucets

For those who keep forgetting to winterize your outdoor taps, there is a solution. Woodford frost free faucets are the toughest outdoor faucets we’ve found. They also make freeze proof faucets that can even handle having the garden hose left on all winter. Learn more >

We can get you a professional grade faucet that you can’t buy in the big box stores. They often look the same, but have more durable parts. If you’re on a tighter budget, however, we would be happy to install the faucet of your choice.

Things to Think About When Choosing a Faucet

A new faucet isn’t the most expensive thing you’ll buy for your home, but you’re still paying good money and you want to get something that will last. No matter what kind of faucet you get, choose one with inner workings made of brass or other corrosion-resistant metal. A good quick test is to lift your faucet – if it feels nice and heavy it’s more likely that it’s better quality. “Heavy” of course, is relative, and you’ll need to be able to compare (or experience) to know the difference.

You Can Definitely Pay Too Much, However…

The “you get what you pay for” rule is not always true. It’s more of a general guideline when it comes to plumbing fixtures. Some high-end faucets have limited manufacturing runs, are more expensive to produce, and are therefore more expensive to buy. Some of these faucets don’t get the thorough testing that some more widely available faucets do.

Choose a good mid-priced faucet that feels heavy – that’s our advice. Make sure there’s a good warranty, especially if you’re paying more for something fancier. You can also check out online reviews.

In the end, being satisfied with your faucet has a lot to do with the quality of the installation, and that’s something DS Plumbing has a lot of experience with.

If you have any questions about our installation services, please give us a call.

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Signs You May Need a Professional’s Help For Your Faucet Installation

As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of calls over the years from people who’ve started an installation job and were unable to finish it.

Here are our best pieces of advice:

  1. If you’re not fully confident in your ability to get the job done all the way through, it will be easier to just call us.
  2. Make sure you know where the main shut off valve is for the water supply to your house.
  3. To prevent leaks, all the attachments needs to be nice and tight. You need to be careful when tightening, however, as overtightening can cause cheaper parts to break. You can also slip and ruin the finish. It’s a fine line you need to walk – I bet you didn’t know that plumbing could be so suspenseful!

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