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Most people will realize that when the water drains slowly (or not at all) that there’s a problem. The smell of sewer gas is also an important indication that there is a problem.

Usually the location of the slow drain indicates the approximate location of the clog – for example of the top floor drains are clogged, and the ground floor drains are fine, then the problem is somewhere in the plumbing in between. If the water backs up in a laundry tub, it can be a bit more complicated, because the problem could be between the tub and the floor drain or between the city sewer and your home.

Unfortunately we don’t always get a warning before the problem occurs. The exception is occasionally in the basement floor drain – sometimes you can see a stain or a water mark around it or near it that may indicate that there has been a small issue that can turn into a larger issue if left unattended.

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