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March Deal of the Month

$100 Off Wifi-Enabled Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Are you in a flood-prone area? Worried about your basement once all this snow starts to melt? Protect your home from meltwater and flood damage with a wifi-enabled battery backup sump pump! Your backup system will come to the rescue if:

  • The power goes out and your primary sump pump stops working, or
  • There’s too much water for your primary sump pump to handle alone

A backup sump pump is the best way to keep your basement dry and damage-free this spring.

Be sure to act fast – this deal expires March 31, 2019.

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How Does it Work?

A battery backup sump pump is essentially a second pump that goes in your sump pit. Our plumber Trevor does a great job of explaining it in this video:

Qualifying models:

Hydromatic Premium Backup System FG-3100r – Wi-Fi Enabled

This is a customer favourite for a reason. It features:

  • Virtual Water Assistant remote monitoring. Notifications are sent to your smartphone when: the backup turns on, the battery is low, the water level is high, there’s a power outage, and more. Messages and monitoring continues even if home internet connection is lost, so you never have to worry about missing something.
  • Max Flow @ 10 feet: 21 gallons per minute
  • Max Lift: 15 feet
  • A 2-year warranty

Liberty Premium Backup System 442-10a-EYE – Wi-Fi Enabled

We’d recommend this model if your home is at a very high risk of flooding. It features:

  • Max flow @ 10 feet: 35 gallons per minute
  • Max lift: 25 feet
  • A 3-year warranty
  • The NightEye app. This app is for remote monitoring that will send a text/email to your phone when the backup pump turns on, when the water level high, when there’s a power outage and more. You can set up to 4 contacts/phone numbers, so multiple people can get an alert.

With a battery backup sump pump, you’ll have peace of mind that your basement is protected against flooding.

Please Note

  • Sorry, this promotion cannot be combined with any other coupons, offers or PAWS membership pricing.

Why Buy From DS Plumbing?

More reasons to take advantage of this deal with DS Plumbing:

If you live in Ottawa or the surrounding areas, you can get the friendly plumbers at DS Plumbing to ensure your work is done correctly. We have over 13 years’ plumbing experience, plus we’re friendly, professional and even tidy!

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