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Meet the Team

The DS Plumbing team is a group of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to keep Ottawa’s plumbing systems flowing smoothly. You can find out more how we do things on our About page, and by learning about some of our efforts in the local community.

Craig Muir Craig Muir, Ottawa Plumber

Craig originally comes from the west of England where he worked as a plumber for many years. He is married to Nelly and he enjoys rugby, Formula One racing and sailing.

Craig’s plumbing tip: “When turning a valve on, open the valve fully and then turn back a quarter turn to prevent seizing.”

Garry Kelly, Ottawa PlumberGarry Kelly

Garry Kelly has been a plumbing technician with DS Plumbing for over 3 years. He is a keen soccer fan.

He is married to Krista and has 2 young daughters, Lauren and Shaelyn.

Garry’s plumbing tip: “To keep unused fixtures like showers or tubs from smelling, pour a jug of water down the drain regularly to prevent sewer gas smells from escaping.”

Marc Chartrand, Plumber with DS Plumbing in OttawaMarc Chartrand

Marc has been with the DS Plumbing family for over 4 years and is one of our amazing water treatment specialists. He also has his gas license.

Marc and his fiancée Cassandra have two boys, William and Oliver. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time at his trailer, camping and helping others.

His expertise in many areas is a great resource for our fantastic team.
Marc’s plumbing tip: “Don’t pour grease down the sink or toilet, because when it cools it solidifies, sticks to the sides of the pipe, and over time builds up and blocks the entire pipe.”

Marc Chartrand, Plumber with DS Plumbing in OttawaTrevor Sisson

Trevor has been with the DS Plumbing for 3 years. In addition to plumbing, he also specializes in water treatment and is happy to offer complimentary water testing and consultation.

Trevor has been married over 7 years to his wife Cassandra, and they have 2 sons, Sawyer and Tucker. Trevor also has a pug named Freddie, and 2 cats, Eva & Abby.

Trevor had his pilots license before he knew how to drive a car and he now enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Trevor’s plumbing tip: “Use a hair trap in the shower to prevent clogs. Don’t forget to clean it though!”


Dave Smythe Ottawa PlumberDave Smythe

Dave is the owner of DS Plumbing and has been a licensed plumber since 2003.

Dave works on growing the business and ensuring it works like clock work. He is a twice published author and is passionate about personal development which he shares with Wendy and his 2 boys who are also on the personal development journey.

In his spare time he reads, but he makes sure to have his daily swim. He is married to Wendy, and besides their 2 sons, they have many animals!

Dave’s plumbing tip: “Ensure your main line water shut off is easily located and can turn easily.”

Tara at DS Plumbing OttawaTara Michelle

Tara is our Growth Coordinator who plans the marketing budget, is the in office expert on the computer program we use to keep everything ticking and anything else that involves growing the company.

Tara loves acting and participates in local theatre productions. A huge Sens fan as well as an animal lover, Tara has a special place in her heart for dogs.
Tara’s plumbing tip: “If you notice warped drywall in your home, the cause could be a plumbing leak.”

Mary at DS Plumbing OttawaMary Poulton

Mary is the main phone contact for customers calling in and ensuring everyone who calls is well looked after. She has 2 cats named Oliver and Jack and a lovely dog called Winston. She has 2 grandchildren and enjoys gardening and reading (especially murder mysteries).

Mary’s plumbing tip: “Always ensure your sump pump is plugged in and have battery back up in case of power outages.”


Wendy Smythe of DS PlumbingWendy Smythe


Wendy is the co-owner of DS Plumbing, along with her husband Dave. She works closely with Dave to grow the business and ensure that the team are happy in their work place.

Wendy also loves keeping the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages hopping with the latest news from all of us here at DS Plumbing. Don’t forget to connect and say hello!

Wendy is a keen student of personal development and has published a book with Dave about finding contractors homeowners can trust.

Wendy enjoys reading Personal Development books, going to the gym with her family and swimming.

Wendy’s plumbing tip: “If you live in a low-lying area, you may want to get a backwater valve installed to prevent waste from the sewer systems from flowing into your home.”

Nancy Smith at DS Plumbing OttawaNancy Smith

Nancy is our Office Manager, but you can sometimes hear her friendly voice when you call. She has been with us since September 2012 and has proved to be a wonderful member of our team.

She spends most of her spare time caring for her rescue animals: 3 donkeys, 2 draft horses, 3 dogs, a few cats and she is a foster for Country Cat Rescue.

Nancy’s plumbing tip: “Don’t let your husband touch the plumbing!”

Jake the cat, DS PlumbingJake, Office Supervisor

Jake is our cat who likes to sit in on meetings and drink from people’s water glasses. He also likes to scratch at the meeting room door if he’s being ignored.

Jake’s tip: “Feed me!”

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