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About Us

DS Plumbing was created with the idea that everyone deserves quality service. Our mission: to ensure our customers receive the best possible care by a dedicated and proactive team before, during and after a home visit.

Meet Dave

Dave Smythe, owner and founder of DS Plumbing, talks about what makes DS Plumbing different from most other plumbers:

Plumbers With A Difference

Since 2004, DS Plumbing’s commitment to quality workmanship and customer care for Ottawa residents has been evident in the number of referrals and repeat visits from our customers. More than 70 percent of our current work comes from customers who call us back to do additional work, or generously refer us to friends and family.

DS Plumbing is honoured to be a part of the BBB since 2005. We feel this association assures our current and potential customers of our commitment to  high-quality, professional work.

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Our Awards

Please visit our awards page to see the awards we have been proud to receive over the years.

Canadian Owned And Operated

DS Plumbing is a family-run business owned by Wendy and Dave Smythe. Dave has been in a skilled trade since 1990 and received top marks in college studies; he also achieved a Bronze medal at the Provincial Skills competition in 2002.

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Apart from being a fully-licensed plumber, Dave is a certified home inspector, a qualified gas technician and certified for backflow installation testing and repair.

Wendy and Dave Smythe of DS Plumbing, Ottawa's Favourite Plumbers

The Logo

The logo was designed by the owners, Wendy and David Smythe. Their vision was to produce a design that is friendly and unique.

Most people would associate plumbing with a toilet, and the toilet became the starting point. As the part of the toilet designed to retain water in the bowl is called an S trap, the idea of incorporating the initials “DS” into the logo developed. A small amount of artistic license turned the toilet tank into the letter “D” and the S trap became an “S.”

Inspired by their love of animals and having owned a few, Dave and Wendy figured incorporating a pet into the logo was a good idea. The curious cat in the logo is there to see what has caused the puddle on the floor.

Have a mysterious puddle on your floor (and no cat to investigate)?

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As an Essential Service, We Are Open during the mandatory Ontario workplace shutdown. We assure you that our team continues to adhere to the highest safety standards to keep our employees and customers safe and healthyLearn More